Some Words To Live By…

Originally posted on my Blogspot site, which is no longer active…posted originally on March 13th, 2012

Tennis should only be played on grass or clay.

‘Chocolate’ is the only kind of milk.

Sports is reality TV.

When all else fails – steak medium rare please.

Wings – big, dry and the spicier the better.

Garlic can never be underused – add more garlic!

Microsoft not Apple.

My Canada includes Quebec, but not the U.S.A.

Burgers are king, not franchises.

I believe in the sky, mountains, oceans, prairies, the sun, the moon and the planets.

Mother Earth is everyone’s mother.

I believe in large portions.

I believe in mini-skirts and the push-up bra.

Curling is better than bowling.

Star Wars is better than Star Trek.

I believe in the wrist shot, the clean-up hitter, the 3-point shot, the sack dance and the 400-yard drive.

Newman is evil.

The Coyote should never catch the Roadrunner.

And no, I don’t ‘hate that rabbit’.

The walnut is underrated.

I believe in little green men and George Noory.

George Lucas did screw up Star Wars.

Real grass over turf.

Coke over Pepsi.

Snickers over Mars.

McDonalds over Burger King.

I think Bailey Quarters was hotter than Jennifer Marlow.

I didn’t care if Joannie loved Chachi.

Popcorn should always come with extra butter.

Gretzky should have been called for high sticking.

Hull’s goal was good.

I am fine with the last Soprano’s episode.

David Lee Roth is Van Halen.

Elvis, Morrison and Bruce Lee are dead.

Ice cream is the perfect dessert.

Doc Martins are a running shoe.

It’s Wendel, not Wendy.

I don’t care who framed Roger Rabbit.

Jersey’s shouldn’t be tucked in…ever.

I believe in sandals, bare feet, shorts & t-shirts.

Ketchup & salt are overrated.

Pizza is breakfast, lunch and dinner.

BBQ in the winter.

Cats need their claws.


Top 5 Television Shows…

Originally posted on my Blogspot site on April 20th, 2012…site is no longer active and this list needs updating!

Well, I was driving home, listening to the radio thinking about tv. How weird is that? Anyway, from time to time this blog is going to see me posts random lists of stuff I like or don’t like. It won’t all be lists, but there probably will be a few. So get used to it damn it! And this list is my top five tv shows. This is not a list of the shows I think are the best television shows of all-time, these are my favourite shows of all-time ok? Stop complaining damn it, just read and comment so I can disagree.

1. Seinfeld – This is the one show I can watch any episode of at any time. I don’t get tired of any of the characters, I haven’t seen any one episode too many times and can’t watch it again…I can watch re-runs all day, every day. The funniest show ever, in my opinion.

2. The Simpson’s – The longer this series goes on, the more I think I may have to drop this one from my list. The first couple of season’s are hard to watch, until Groening refined the animation. The seasons where the Simpson’s resemble their Tracy Ullman days are hard to watch for me. But those middle 10 years or so were awesome. Except for most of the episodes that centred around Marge or Lisa…probably my least two favourite characters in that show. An episode from the last 5 years and those Marge/Lisa episodes I generally turn away from. But the others, the Homer episodes or Bart episodes, I can watch all day….and probably have.

3. The X-Files – Nine seasons were done with the X-Files and it was all fairly good. The last two seasons where Mulder and then Scully had reduced roles really hurt this series for me, at least when the series was on they did. But I eventually bought the entire series and watched it from beginning to end. And the last two seasons were not as bad as I remembered. Seasons 1 thru 7 were just awesome. The characters rocked, Mulder’s dry sense of humour I liked, Scully I thought was pretty hot. The other cast members were cool,,,Cancer Man, The Lone Gunmen, Skinner, The Manicured Man….and Krycek…I hate that guy….For the most part I preferred The Truth storyline, but some of the one-off episodes were pretty cool.

4. Magnum P.I. – What a wicked show this was for me growing up. Thomas Magnum lived a pretty cool life, except for when Higgins was pissed off at him, which was most of the time! And he was always broke. But Rick still ran him a tab at the King Kamehamela Club all the time! Magnum got to drive a Ferrari and live in freaking Hawaii! C’mon! And the guy was actually pretty cool. I can watch a lot of Magnum, I have never had an Old Düsseldorf beer though….

5. Cheers – This show surprised me when I was thinking about this list. I was thinking of all those ’80’s and ’90’s shows that I spent a lot of time watching, and Cheers was the one show that I realized I watched as much or more than any of the others, and its the one show I can still watch a lot of when I think of those shows – Family Ties, Cosby Show, Perfect Strangers, name a few. And I can watch this show from any era – the Coach years, the Shelly Long years, the Woody Harrelson years, the Kirstie Alley years, the old Sam Malone years. This was one of the shows that was able to swap out more than one significant character and survive! Coach was absolutely hilarious and was replaced by Woody Boyd….who was also hilarious. And when Shelly Long decided to leave for Hollywood, I thought the show was done, but Kirstie Alley’s character was great! And better looking in my opinion. Just a really well written show. It may have dragged on a couple of seasons too long, but then again, look at the Simpson’s.

Anyway, that is my top five list of favourite television shows. It surprised me, both in the content and how easy it was to choose. Initially I though I was going to be forced to pour over page after internet page of show titles…..but nope….these five came to me pretty easily. So if I was ever stranded on a deserted island, with electricity, a tv and either a dvd player or a computer, I would just need complete series of this five shows and I’d be fine. With some food. And water. And some other stuff.