Crue Still Has It!

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This past Saturday night I went to the Motley Crue concert in Oshawa. And it was a blast. I definitely wouldn’t call myself a huge music fan, but I do like music, I especially like going to concerts. Unfortunately, I do not go to very many. I really haven’t kept up on recent music over the last decade and I am turning into one of those ‘old men’ who continue to follow the bands of their youth without listening to any new stuff. I just do not have a lot of free time, so new music is one of the sacrifices. Anyway, I grew up during the 80’s when Motley Crue hit it big. My older brother had picked up a copy of Shout at the Devil and we played it day and night. We also set up got dressed up to perform as an air band version of Motley Crue all the time (I was Mick Mars most often). I bought my brother the Crue’s next album Theatre of Pain when it came out, but that album just wasn’t the same. And the Crue was going through their own issues at the time, so the band was in a bit of turmoil and I remember their future seemed rather up in the air at the time. Anyway, I wasn’t enough of a Crue fan from that point on to buy another album. I listened to anything that was released from that point on and was never motivated to buy another album.

I followed them from afar if you will. I bought their greatest hits album, Decade of Decadence and listened to it a fair bit but that was it. It really wasn’t until Vince Neil showed up on the reality show Surreal Life that I began to pay a bit more attention to the band. I was out of the new music scene by that point and had just enough time to keep up with a few of the favourite bands from my youth. Social media took off around that time and Crue began working together again soon after that. This past Xmas my wife said we should buy tickets to the upcoming concert in Oshawa as a birthday gift for her 14-year old son. I thought it was a great idea, as I had never actually seen the Crue live and the ‘boy’ complained when we saw RUSH and the Hip without him. He had also shown some interest in the Crue’s music. So the wife made the purchase and the date came and went this past Saturday.

I am glad we went, as it was a fantastic show. The GM Centre in Oshawa is just big enough for some larger acts to bring their shows to town, but small enough that there is a definite intimate feeling in the place. The crowd was loud and enthusiastic as would be expected. Vince commented on that fact, saying that the Crue would have to come back. Maybe he says that to every crowd, who knows. I was impressed with some of the folks there, they were my age…others were teens, which is I am assuming kids of folks like me. Now, I don’t recall seeing any teen girls, just boys….which I guess says something? Some of the crowd was what I expected, dressed up in old ’80’s metal garb. And the women, well they didn’t disappoint. Some of the cougars or MILF’s were dressed very…nicely….I am not complaining. Let’s just say I didn’t see women dressed like that at the RUSH or Hip concerts! The one guy who stood out to me, I saw in the beer line. He had a confederate flag hat on, a hoodie unzipped with an old Crue t-shirt underneath – only a couple of holes that I could see. He had matching track pants on, tucked into his white socks and was wearing Crocs. I still shake my head at that image.

The show was great. The Crue played everything, old and new, and sounded great. The light show and stage was fantastic. The women that perform along with them are hot and hot. The Crue interacts with the crowd during the show quite a bit which is awesome. The Tommy Lee drum solo with the roller-coaster-like ride for a fan was great. Possibly the most lasting impression for me was the volume. Holy shit it was loud. It might be the loudest show I have ever been to. The only one I can think of that was possibly louder was U2 at Skydome a few years ago. The roof was open and it was really, really loud. Anyway, my ears were still ringing like crazy well into the next day. Which I suppose isn’t good for my ears, but I’ll take it.


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